Run With Ease

Improve your running technique through the powerful combination of ChiRunning and The Oxygen Advantage breathing methods.

Delivered by Master Coach, Gray Caws

Your £145 investment gets you:

Live online classes

Three live online small-group classes over three weeks (1.5hrs per class)

Online Course

Lifelong access to class playbacks, exercise videos, and additional training materials

Private Facebook Group

Access to the AIM Virtual Studio private Facebook Group

PLUS special bonus

Choose from either a 30-minute 121 coaching call or joining an in-person workshop in London

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Your Coach, Gray Caws

Gray is a Master ChiRunning Coach with over 10 years of training one-to-one and small groups. He specialised in functional movement, ChiRunning technique, and breathwork using the Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko methods.


If you’re struggling with your running or have lost motivation, ChiRunning will help you combine mental focus, good technique and a common-sense approach to training.

Improve your running technique, become more efficient in your movement, reduce your risk of injury and enjoy your practice!

Understand the key movement principles as developed over thousands of years through Qi Gong and Tai Chi which form the foundations of efficient movement and breath. Learn the key components of ChiRunning through a series of fun exercises, drills, visualisations, and practice.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Increase Speed With Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 3 live online small group classes
  • Life long access to the online membership area with playbacks from all classes, additional video lessons, training manual, and exercise videos 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • PLUS a special bonus of a 30-minute 121 coaching call or in-person workshop in London
  • Improved running economy
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved functional breathing 
  • Reduced breathlessness when exercising
  • Improved fitness
  • Increased energy
  • Better posture
  • Improved sports performance
  • Improved mental focus, and concentration

You’ll learn how to develop your running skill and create a life-long programme for fitness, health and general well-being.

ChiRunning is suitable for any age, fitness level and runners of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned marathoners and triathletes.

  • postural alignment, relaxation, and balance practice
  • functional breathing exercises 
  • smooth transition from walk to run
  • the importance of the upper body and arm swing
  • optimal cadence (strides per minute)
  • increased speed through relaxation
  • mental focus and body awareness
  • advice on 80/20 training programmes

"You turned every exercise into a learning experience that was fun to do. You’re an excellent coach: relaxed, patient, blending sharp observation with empathy."

Theo Tamis
Project Manager

"This time last year I was unable to run any more than two miles without knee pain. I attended a ChiRunning workshop run by Gray at the end of September last year. It completely re-ignited my love for running. As a resulted I completed the London Marathon this year. This has been a dream of mine since the very first one. Whenever I here from people struggling with various niggles from running I always recommend they check out ChiRunning. Thank you. "

Gary Campbell

Run With Ease

Run more efficiently, reduce injury, enjoy your running


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